"When I was a little girl, I would go out into Nanny's garden, pick orange marigolds and pink snapdragons, mash them and mix them with water, then bottle the mixture up and give it to her as perfume."

I have been a long time flower lover and plant geek. Growing up I was a rambunctious toddler and decided to get a head start in the horticulture industry by eating my mothers house plants. This mostly resulted in the poison control center being called repeatedly, but also instilled in me the love of all things "green and growing". I have had my hands in the dirt and been playing with flowers my whole life.

Whenever possible, I strive to use only local blooms. During the growing season, I use flowers from local farms, foraged finds, and blooms grown in my own cutting garden. I am passionate about caring for our earth and the health of those residing here, and show this in all aspects of my business. 

I live in Lancaster with my amazing husband, Jason, and our sweet little kitty, Petunia. We dream of owning acreage one day where we can be even more sustainable in our every day lives and farm all of our own flowers along with providing even more of our own food. Until then, we jam as much as possible in our 1/3 acre!